For centuries in small artisanal mills, and since 1943 by mechanical processing, the olive oil  of Villa de Lopera has been very popular and famous for its exceptional features.

Two families enthusiasts and lovers of extra virgin olive oil of Villa de Lopera, decided to present this magnificent oil to other countries.

Our olive is Picual type, also known as Marteña, Lopereña or Nevadillo Blanco.

It is recognized as the kind that has more wealth quantity of oleic acid and antioxidants.

Characteristics of our oil are:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100 % Picual Lopereña

0.2º acidity

Superior Quality

Cold extraction and only by mechanical means

No preservatives or dyes

Golden yellow colour

Olives and green grass scent

Slight bitter

Has significant healt benefits and infant growth

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